December 2014: Legislative Report

Bill Introductions and Status Transportation Funding  Michigan citizens have already waited too long for this legislature to take the lead and fix our roads. Last week the Senate stepped up and took a bipartisan lead acknowledging the problem cannot be fixed without generating new revenue, which Governor Snyder concurs. The Senate plan generates $1.2 Billion…


Today is Election Day and we only have a matter of hours to set Michigan’s course for the next four years. We can continue down Rick Snyder’s path — tax cuts for the wealthy, paid for by working families, retirees and kids in our public schools.

Michigan AFL-CIO Releases Working Family Values Report Card on Candidates for U.S. Senate

The Michigan AFL-CIO today released the Working Family Values Report Card, which grades candidates for U.S. Senate on issues critical to Michigan’s working families. Candidate Terri Lynn Land earned all ‘F’s on issues ranging from increasing the minimum wage to protecting Social Security and Medicare, whereas Gary Peters earned ‘A’s due to his strong support for pro-working family policies.

Statement of Michigan AFL-CIO President Karla Swift Re: Town Hall Debate between Mark Schauer and Rick Snyder

“Tonight’s debate shows why Mark Schauer will be Michigan’s next governor. He laid out his vision for a Michigan that works for everyone; not just the wealthy and well-connected. Mark’s plan to raise middle-class incomes and reduce middle-class taxes is what  working families need so all of us can get Michigan’s economy growing again. “Snyder…