United Way:

The Michigan AFL-CIO Community Services Department represents the partnership between the Michigan AFL-CIO and the Michigan Association of United Ways. The convening provides education, training, and service opportunities for union members to join with local United Ways in developing powerful responses to challenges faced in communities across Michigan.

For more information, please contact Bob Cramer at bcramer@uwmich.org

Community Allies:

The Michigan AFL-CIO is proud to partner with organizations that share our values. Our Community Services Department is comprised of 18 labor liaisons who help with everything from charitable giving to personal and economic crises.

United Way Partnerships: The Michigan AFL-CIO and the Michigan Association of United Ways work together to create a society where we all have the chance to reach our potential.

Worker Center Partnerships< : Many workers are not covered by U.S. labor law. Without the legal right to collective bargaining, they could fall through the cracks. The Michigan AFL-CIO and worker centers across Michigan have teamed up in pursuit of better policies.

NEA Partnerships: The AFL-CIO and the National Education Association partner to address common issues. From education to teacher pensions to health care, the two organizations are stronger together.

Alliance for Retired Americans: The Alliance’s mission is to ensure civil rights for retirees and older Americans. Educated members mobilize to elect leaders dedicated to social and economic justice.

Union Plus: Union Plus improves the quality of life for working families by offering unique products and services designed for union members and their families.

Union Veterans Council: The council brings together workers who are veterans and speaks out on issues that affect them the most.

Working America: Working America is an organization for those who otherwise aren’t covered by union contracts. Working America takes an action-oriented approach directly to working people with successful door-to-door campaigns.

Working for America Institute: Unions need to play a bigger role in creating and keeping good jobs. The WAI pursues innovative ideas and challenges assumptions that prevent progress.

For more information on how to get connected with the movement, please contact Micheal Davis at mdavis@miaflcio.org.