Common Sense Economics is a training and education program, conducted by and for union members and progressive allies, to educate working people on how our economy works and how actions and policies impact our economy. It’s harder for working people to achieve or maintain a middle-class lifestyle despite increases in productivity and longer work hours. Entire communities have been devastated by bad policies designed to reward the wealthy. For communities and working people across the country, it seems as if the economy is like the weather, something unpredictable that happens to us. But the economy isn’t like the weather—it doesn’t just happen. Politicians support policies that foster an economy that works for Wall Street and the privileged few, instead of one that works for everyone.

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The Organizing Institute (OI) builds power for working people by training aspiring and experienced organizers alike in the craft of organizing. For nearly three decades, we have provided fundamentals, insights and inspiration to tens of thousands of organizers, giving them the tools needed to lead successful organizing and strategic campaigns.

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