Word of the Day

STERN adjective PRONOUNCED: stərn MEANING: serious and unrelenting, especially in the assertion of authority and exercise of discipline. IN A SENTENCE: “The employers looked stern as they cut their workers’ wages.”

Word of the Day

HAGGARD adjective PRONOUNCED: ˈhaɡərd MEANING: having a gaunt, wasted, or exhausted appearance, as from prolonged suffering, exertion, or anxiety; worn IN A SENTENCE: “Before the labor movement brought us the weekend, haggard workers could be seen everywhere. Scott Walker looks pretty haggard today after a late night spent ruining the middle class.”

Bills to Keep an Eye On

Knowing the harmful possibilities of proposed legislation this session, the Michigan AFL-CIO and its affiliates want to make sure we continue educating our members, and communicating the impact of the proposed laws to the hard working citizens of Michigan. [table id=3 /]

President’s New Overtime Rule Will Benefit 100k Michigan Workers

LANSING – Today the Michigan AFL-CIO released the following statement on President Obama’s new overtime rule, which will benefit 100,000 Michigan workers: “This new rule will help 100,000 Michigan workers get the overtime pay they deserve,” said Ron Bieber, President of the Michigan AFL-CIO. “Restoring overtime protections and putting more money in working families’ pockets…

Walberg Votes for Another Bad Trade Deal

Fast Track legislation makes it easier to ship Michigan jobs overseas LANSING – Michigan AFL-CIO President Ron Bieber issued the following statement today, following U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg’s votes to advance so-called “Fast Track” legislation. “Tim Walberg has a long record of supporting unfair trade deals and outsourcing, and today’s vote is another reminder that…