Labor Foundation

The Michigan AFL-CIO Labor Foundation is our affiliated charitable nonprofit organization established in 2019.

The organization:

The Michigan AFL-CIO Labor Foundation is our affiliated 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization established in 2019. Our mission is to curtail generational economic and social injustice through long-term investment in the memorialization, education, and association of the Michigan labor movement within our communities. Our work focuses on:

  • Building collaboration and support with the Michigan State AFL-CIO Community Services Program, School, and regional UCAN classes to raise awareness about the labor movement and local opportunities to make an impact through community service in communities across Michigan.
  • Developing and maintaining space at Michigan AFL-CIO’s Union Square in Lansing for the collection, restoration, preservation and curation of pieces of labor history that tell the story of the labor movement in Michigan.
  • Developing programming and vehicles by which the general public may become better educated about the Michigan labor movement and its history including memorialization of public spaces and installations, awards, events, online learning, and educational partnerships with organizations and area universities and colleges

United Way

The MAUW and Michigan AFL-CIO partnership allows for specific United Way-Labor Liaisons to coordinate resources and services, among and for, community members and stakeholders. This unique partnership between Michigan union families and the United Way, gives our members opportunities to create meaningful change in their own communities!

Combined, in those communities across the state, there are over one million Michigan citizens who are active or retired union members. United Way-Labor Liaisons support community events, coordinate emergency response efforts, advocate for working families on local and state issue campaigns. Labor Liaisons work with CLC’s and local affiliates share the history of labor in their community while continuing to the deepen the bond between local union members and the communities they live, work, pray, and play in.


University of Michigan COVID-19 Volunteer Corps

Our Partnership

As we recognized the immediate need for assistance for our displaced members, new to Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance process, our communications with the Michigan Department for Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO) highlighted specific areas where they were not up to capacity, and where our effort could be most helpful. Thankfully we were contacted by a group of go-getters, ready to go to bat for Michigan’s workforce.

The Michigan Law COVID Corps is a group of law students organizing to help those affected by the pandemic. With over 250 volunteers, they are ready to take on meaningful COVID-related projects, ranging from legal and policy research to creating visuals or fielding intake calls. Folks with an inquiry or in need of assistance can submit project requests here, and someone from their team will reach out to you soon.

Although dedicated and eager to serve, please be mindful that the volunteers of The Michigan Law COVID Corps ARE NOT LICENSED TO PRACTICE LAW and ARE NOT ALLOWED to provide direct legal services to individuals.