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Health and safety

We are pleased to announce that the Michigan State AFL-CIO H.R.D.I. has received a local union/small business grant for 2012/13 from the Michigan Department of Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) to continue to provide free occupational safety awareness training for workers.

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Community services

The mission of the Michigan Association of United Ways labor program is to strengthen the partnership between organized labor and the state and local United Ways in Michigan. This is accomplished by securing financial support for Michigan Association of United Ways, assisting local United Ways with their campaigns, implementing national and state educational core programs and serving as advocates on behalf of Michigan Association of United Ways, local unions and local United Ways.

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Jobs and fellowship opportunities

Are you an undergraduate student who is tired of seeing Michigan’s working families come under attack time and time again?

Do you want experience in exciting fast paced campaigns to take back the Michigan Legislature and Governorship in 2015?

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Jobs plan

Now is not the time to stop investing in our future. We must support the infrastructure, public services, people and places that made it possible for us to be great and grow a vibrant middle class.

Our schools, roads, and clean water systems are the foundation on which to create opportunities, drive innovation and make Michigan great again.

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Our mission is to improve the lives of working families and bring economic justice to the workplace - and you can too.