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Statement on New GOP Corporate Tax Giveaway

LANSING – The Michigan AFL-CIO issued the following statement from Ron Bieber today commenting on new Republican legislation that would allow corporations to keep up to 100 percent of their employees’ income taxes to pay for new corporate tax breaks:

“This legislation is a raw deal for Michigan. The idea that a worker would pay their income taxes directly to their employer to subsidize their own salary is just nuts. This is really just another example of how Republicans are rigging the economy to favor their corporate donors over regular working people. Instead of giving more handouts to big corporations, we need both parties in Lansing to start working together to invest in education and infrastructure to build an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy.”

Michigan Unions: CBO Score Shows ‘Trumpcare’ Bad for Michigan Families

LANSING – The Michigan AFL-CIO issued the following statement today on the Congressional Budget Office Score of the ‘Trumpcare’ legislation:

“This is a broken promise, plain and simple” said Ron Bieber, president of the Michigan AFL-CIO. “Trump promised the American people ‘we’re going to have insurance for everybody,’ but today’s CBO score shows that ‘Trumpcare’ would take health coverage away from 24 million Americans by 2026. That’s bad for families and bad for the whole nation. It means working people will pay more and get less. Michigan’s congressional delegation – including Mike Bishop, Tim Walberg, Dave Trott, and Jack Bergman – should do what’s best for Michigan’s working families and vote to kill this dangerous legislation.”

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Michigan Republicans Must Demand Sessions Resign

LANSING – The Michigan AFL-CIO issued the following statement today following news reports that Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied under oath:

“Jeff Sessions needs to go,” said Ron Bieber, president of the Michigan AFL-CIO. “Michigan Republicans – including Bill Schuette, Jack Bergman, Tim Walberg, Mike Bishop, and Dave Trott – have a responsibility to hold Sessions accountable for lying under oath to the American people. Each one of these Republican elected officials needs to call on Sessions to resign immediately, demand that he testify under oath again about his contacts with Russian officials, and appoint a special prosecutor to launch a thorough investigation of Donald Trump’s ties to Russia. The American people deserve answers, we deserve the truth, and we deserve elected officials who will put country before party.”

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Michigan Unions Support Paid Sick Leave Legislation

LANSING – The Michigan AFL-CIO issued the following statement today supporting new legislation introduced by Sen. Jim Ananich (D-Flint), Rep. Stephanie Chang (D-Detroit), and Rep. Erika Geiss (D-Taylor) to allow full- and part-time workers to earn paid sick leave:

“Everyone knows family comes first,” said Ron Bieber, president of the Michigan AFL-CIO. “That’s why this legislation is so important, because powerful corporations have used their influence to cut benefits so working people can’t even meet the basics to sustain their families. This legislation puts working people first by ensuring that no one who works for a living has to choose between their job and taking time off from work due to an illness or a family emergency. I want to thank Senator Ananich and Representatives Chang and Geiss for their leadership. Now it’s time for Governor Snyder and Republicans in the legislature to get onboard and support this important pro-family legislation.”

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