Common Sense Economics


For communities and working people across the country, Common Sense Economics workshops are platforms that allow us to look the economy and its effects via different viewpoints.  These trainings are helping to empower everyday folks to begin the work of creating an economy that works for all of us!

We are witnessing the largest redistribution of wealth in our nation’s history while the effects of the Great Recession still paralyze communities and working families. It’s harder for working people to achieve or maintain a middle-class lifestyle. Entire communities have been devastated by bad policies designed to reward the wealthy. The economy isn’t like the weather—it doesn’t just happen. Politicians support policies that foster an economy that works for Wall Street and the privileged few instead of one that works for everyone.  

Check out some of the ACTION SHOTS of our newly-minted facilitators, from the July 22nd Train-the-Trainer, here in Lansing!

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Our mission is to improve the lives of working families and bring economic justice to the workplace - and you can too.