What Right to Work has wrought in Michigan

10981436_1018400354841231_9149707195222591464_nIn 2012, after passing Right to Work with zero public input or debate, conservative lawmakers claimed it would help reinvent Michigan’s economy and bring with it “more and better jobs.”

So how’re we doing in 2015? In short, not well.

  • Our job growth rate ranked 41st, giving us the 9th worst unemployment rate in the nation.
  • Michigan’s per capita income is down; meaning less money in the pockets of hard-working Michiganders.
  • Michigan’s population is down on account of families and young workers leaving our great state for greener pastures.
  • Adding insult to injury, corporate tax credits have created a $234 million shortfall in the state’s budget.

More and better jobs? Nope.

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