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Bills to Keep an Eye On

Knowing the harmful possibilities of proposed legislation this session, the Michigan AFL-CIO and its affiliates want to make sure we continue educating our members, and communicating the impact of the proposed laws to the hard working citizens of Michigan.


Bill #DescriptionMi-AFL-CIO PositionIntroduced byCommitteeMost recent action
HB 4312extend so-called “Right to Work” to firefighters and police officersActively OpposeRep. Gary Glenn (R-Midland)Goverment Operations3/5/15;Introduced
HB 4311allow public employees other than the exclusive bargaining agent to bargain with employerActively OpposeRep. Gary Glenn (R-Midland)Goverment Operations3/5/15;Introduced
HB 4001repeal Prevailing Wage lawsOpposeRep. Amanda Price(R-Park Township)Coomerce and Trade1/15/15;Introduced
HB 4002repeal Prevailing Wage lawsOpposeRep. Aric Nesbitt(R-Lawton)Commerce and Trade1/15/15;Introduced
HB 4003repeal Prevailing Wage lawsOpposeRep. Bradford Jacobsen(R-Oxford)Commerce and Trade1/15/15;Introduced
SB 1repeal Prevailing Wage lawsOpposeSen. Arlan Meekhof(R-West Olive)Michigan Competitiveness5/14/15; passed Senate, sent to House
SB 2repeal Prevailing Wage lawsOpposeSen. Peter MacGregor(R-Rockford)Michigan Competitiveness5/14/15; passed Senate, sent to House
SB 3repeal Prevailing Wage lawsOpposeSen. David Robertson(R-Grand Blanc)Michigan Competitiveness5/14/15; passed Senate, sent to House
HB 4428require vote every two years to recertify bargaining representativeActively OpposeRep. Gary Glenn (R-Midland)Commerce and Trade4/14/15;Introduced
SB 279Retirement: prohibit union members from receiving service credit when they are acting on behalf of the union, re: grievances, personal training, etc. regarding release timeActively OpposeSen. Marty Knollenberg (R-Troy)Appropriations11/10/15; referred to committee
SB 280prohibit public employer

contracts that pay union members for time conducting union business (release time)
Actively OpposeSen. Marty Knollenberg (R-Troy)Commerce and Trade11/10/2015: referred to committee
HB 4429, HB 4430eliminate prevailing wage

requirements for public school construction projects
OpposeRep. Gary Glenn (R-Midland)Commerce and Trade4/14/15;Introduced
HB 4630repeal law requiring employers to disclose that job postings are to replace strikersOpposeRep. Amanda Price(R-Park Township)Commerce and Trade5/20/15; Introduced
SB 272, 273require equal pay for comparable work and disclosure of certain wage informationSupportSen. Rebekah Warren(D-Ann Arbor)Goverment Operations4/16/15;Introduced


Bill #DescriptionMi-AFL-CIO PositionIntroduced byCommitteeMost recent action
HB 4029no-reason absentee votingSupportRep. George Darany(D-Dearborn)Elections1/15/15;Referred to committee
SB 59no-reason absentee votingSupportSen. Steve Bieda (D-Warren)Elections and Government Reform1/29/15; Introduced and referred to committee
HB 4380eliminate straight-ticket voting optionOpposeRep. Todd Courser(R-Lapeer)Elections3/24/15; Introduced and referred to committee
SB 13eliminate straight-ticket voting optionOpposeSen. Marty Knollenberg(R-Troy)Elections and Government Reform12/31/15; Assigned PA 0268 '15 with immediate effect
HB 4310change state's electoral college systemOpposeRep. Cindy Gamrat(R-Plainwell)Elections3/5/14; Introduced and referred to committee
SB 197change state's electoral college systemOpposeSen. David Hildebrand(R-Lowell)Elections and Government Reform3/11/15; Introduced

Economic and Social Justice

Bill #DescriptionMi-AFL-CIO PositionIntroduced byCommitteeMost recent action
HB 4341establish graduated state income taxActively SupportRep. Jim Townsend(D-Royal Oak)Tax Policy3/12/15; Introduced and referred to committee
HB 4027repeal pension taxSupportRep. Tom Barrett(R-Potterville)Tax Policy1/15/15;Introduced and referred to committee
HB 4167require employers to allow workers to earn sick time, define when employees can use itActively SupportRep. Stephanie Chang(D-Detroit)Commerce and Trade2/10/15; Introduced and referred to committee
SB 101require employers to allow workers to earn sick time, define when employees can use itActively SupportSen. Jim Ananich(D-Flint)Commerce2/11/15; Introduced and referred to committee
SB 248, SB 249 make miscellaneous changes to auto no-fault systemActively OpposeSen. Joe Hune(R-Hamburg)Insurance4/23/15; reported with recommendation with substitute H-3; referred to second reading
HB 4560 allow funds collected by the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association, which are used to pay for lifetime medical benefits through the no-fault auto insurance system, to be used to fix roadsOpposeRep. Pete Lucido(R- Shelby Township)Insurance5/7/15; Introduced and referred to committee
HB 4538add sexual orientation and gender identity or expression as categories protected by state civil rights law (Elliott-Larsen Act)SupportRep. Jon Hoadley(D-Kalamazoo)Commerce and Trade4/30/15; Introduced and referred to committee

President’s New Overtime Rule Will Benefit 100k Michigan Workers

LANSING – Today the Michigan AFL-CIO released the following statement on President Obama’s new overtime rule, which will benefit 100,000 Michigan workers:

“This new rule will help 100,000 Michigan workers get the overtime pay they deserve,” said Ron Bieber, President of the Michigan AFL-CIO. “Restoring overtime protections and putting more money in working families’ pockets will help boost our entire economy.

“Since 1975, overtime protections have been gutted by inflation without a significant adjustment. By indexing the threshold for overtime pay to inflation, the new rule will help protect wages from being eroded by rising costs going forward.

“Make no mistake, this new rule is an important first step for the Raising Wages Agenda that will help level the playing field for women, African Americans, Hispanics, and younger workers under age 35. But many more workers will still be denied overtime pay by their employer. Moving forward, Michigan’s labor movement will keep fighting to make sure this proposal is fully implemented, until every worker is paid fairly for the work they do.”

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Walberg Votes for Another Bad Trade Deal

Fast Track legislation makes it easier to ship Michigan jobs overseas

LANSING – Michigan AFL-CIO President Ron Bieber issued the following statement today, following U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg’s votes to advance so-called “Fast Track” legislation.

“Tim Walberg has a long record of supporting unfair trade deals and outsourcing, and today’s vote is another reminder that he’s not on the side of working families,” said Bieber. “Bad trade deals like NAFTA have already cost our communities tens of thousands of good-paying manufacturing jobs. Last year alone, Michigan’s trade deficit was $66.8 billion. Fast Tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership will only make it easier for big corporations to send more Michigan jobs overseas. The people of Michigan deserve better from Tim Walberg.”

Tim Walberg has long defended unfair trade agreements, like NAFTA. Walberg has falsely claimed that NAFTA “has been proven to have supplied more jobs of equal or better pay to our country over the course of time.”

Michigan lost 254,763 manufacturing jobs during the NAFTA-WTO period (1994-2014), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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