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Bankruptcy Eligibility Reaction from the Michigan State AFL-CIO and the Metro Detroit AFL-CIO

Working people across Michigan are appalled by today’s ruling in the Detroit bankruptcy case.  Taking from retirees who already make do with very little will not fix the city and sets a dangerous precedent for our entire state.

While we are pleased the judge did not rule the city bargained in good faith, we disagree it was impossible for the city to bargain with its creditors.

Make no mistake about it, this ruling sends a clear signal that if you work hard and earn a fair pension, a governor with a radical, right-wing, political agenda can use the federal bankruptcy court as a tool to rob you of everything you earned.

It’s not just happening in Detroit. Snyder and Wall Street are going after workers, retirees and the middle class all over Michigan.  Governor Snyder proved time and again that he cares more about helping wealthy corporations than building an economy that works for everyone.

After giving billions in additional tax breaks to corporations, many of whom were his top campaign contributors, Snyder cut earned income tax credits and instituted a new statewide tax on pensions.  Now he and his politically-appointed bankruptcy experts are putting Wall Street before Woodward Avenue as they restructure Detroit.

President Swift’s Statement on the NERD Fund

The public is justifiably outraged over the secrecy surrounding Gov. Snyder’s NERD Fund.  Shutting down this slush fund in an attempt to avoid transparency only raises more red flags.

The citizens of Michigan deserve to know who was funding the governor’s top advisor, paying for upgrades to the governor’s house and covering the living expenses for Snyder’s politically appointed bankruptcy expert.  Closing the NERD Fund without full disclosure of past donors only begs the question: What is Governor Snyder hiding?


Contact: Sara Wallenfang,

Statement from Michigan AFL-CIO President Karla Swift on the Resignation of State Treasurer Dillon

Whether serving in the Michigan Legislature or as State Treasurer, Andy Dillon never had the best interests of working families at heart. The fact that Gov. Snyder appointed him in the first place shows the administration’s commitment to serving corporate special interests.

The timing of this announcement raises questions. Why would Dillon step down now, just as Governor Snyder’s secretive NERD Fund is beginning to receive serious scrutiny? We respect the Dillon family’s need for privacy, but wonder why it wasn’t an issue months ago.


Contact: Sara Wallenfang


Fast Food Strikes Statement from President Swift

The Michigan State AFL-CIO stands in solidarity with the thousands of low-wage workers who are on strike in Detroit, Flint, Lansing, Pontiac and across the nation today. Every worker deserves the right to a living wage and a voice on the job. Our elected representatives must enact federal and state minimum wage standards that reflect the values of this country. People who  work every day should be able to support themselves and their families.

Over the past decade, worker productivity has continued to grow but wages have remained stagnant and even declined. If minimum wage had kept up with inflation, it would be around $21 per hour. Raising the minimum wage will ultimately increase the standard of living for all working people and ensure that every family is able to rise out of poverty.

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Media Contact: Sara Wallenfang
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