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ACTION: You don’t have a say

StopTPPFastTrackRight now, negotiations are taking place behind closed doors that will determine the future for you, your family and your community. That’s right, Republican leaders in Congress and the Obama administration are working together to “Fast Track” the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal using the same failed NAFTA model, which contributed to the loss of over 1 million jobs.

ACTION: The House Republican roads plan is NOT a roads plan!

Filling in potholes with textbooks: that’s the House Republican “roads plan.” Seriously. Local schools and communities would lose over $1 billion to repair Michigan’s damaged roads. It’s a lot like robbing Peter to pay Paul, except now we’re robbing Peter Jr. to pay for Paul Sr.’s roads.

This is outrageous. Sign our petition telling lawmakers that the House Republican “roads plan” is #NotARoadsPlan by filling out your information below!

ACTION: Stop Lansing’s power grab!

StopTPPFastTrackLansing politicians are at it again. Self-professed proponents of small government have made a big government push to eliminate local control over schools, investments and jobs in the form of House Bill 5977.

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