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Michigan Unions: Brian Calley is Bad News for Working Families

LANSING – The Michigan AFL-CIO issued the following statement today commenting on news reports that Lt. Governor Brian Calley is planning to launch a campaign for governor.

“Rick Snyder, Brian Calley, and Bill Schuette all have one thing in common – they’ve all been terrible for Michigan’s working families,” said Ron Bieber, president of the Michigan AFL-CIO. “Republicans in Lansing have spent the past six years rigging the economy to work for their corporate campaign donors while regular working families struggle to make ends meet. As Lt. Governor, Calley cast the tie-breaking vote that gave corporations a $2 billion tax break, raised taxes on working families, and created a new Retirement Tax that devastated Michigan seniors. The last thing Michigan needs is a third term for Rick Snyder, and that’s exactly what Calley and Schuette represent.”

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