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State Budget Should Prioritize Good Jobs for Working Families

Snyder’s budget shows Lansing Republicans side with corporate donors over working families

LANSING – Michigan AFL-CIO President Ron Bieber issued the following statement today on Governor Rick Snyder’s budget presentation:

“Today’s budget shows that Governor Snyder and Lansing Republicans care more about helping their wealthy corporate campaign donors than regular working people. It’s time to get our priorities straight and build an economy that works for everyone, including the middle class.

“We need a state budget that will create good-paying jobs for working families by ending tax breaks for corporations that send Michigan jobs overseas. And we need a real plan to fix our crumbling roads and infrastructure that makes corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share.

“But after six years of total control in Lansing, it’s clear that Republicans still don’t get it. They gave corporations a $2 billion tax break, while raising taxes on seniors and working families. And Republicans passed a roads package that raised taxes and fees on regular families, making it more expensive to own a car. Meanwhile, our roads are still falling apart and getting worse every single day.

“This budget should serve as a stark reminder to all working families that Governor Snyder and Lansing Republicans are not on your side.”

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