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Michigan State AFL-CIO joins ever-growing list of supporters for SB 437 and 438

Labor support for energy legislation continues to grow

Lansing, Mich. — The Michigan State AFL-CIO, and its more than one million active and retired union members across the state, today pledged their support for Senate Bills 437 and 438. The state federation urged the Michigan House to act quickly to ensure reliable, affordable and clean energy for all of Michigan.

“Senate Bills 437 and 438 are critical to ensuring long-term energy reliability for working families and businesses,” said Ron Bieber, Michigan State AFL-CIO president. “This legislation supports comprehensive energy planning and aligns with both state and federal energy policies. But more than that, this legislation puts Michigan, and Michigan workers, first.”

The Michigan State AFL-CIO joins five other statewide labor organizations, including:


  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers,
  • International Union of Operating Engineers,
  • Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council, and
  • Michigan Laborers’ District Council,
  • Utility Workers Union of America,
    many other businesses and community and non-profit organizations who have voiced their support for the energy legislation.

“This legislation is well thought-out, and it has been analyzed and discussed for two years,” Bieber added. “It is critical the Michigan House of Representatives vote to pass this essential and comprehensive legislation before year’s end, so that we may provide all Michiganders with the reliable and affordable energy they need to power their lives.”


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