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Steve Marino’s Plan to Raise Retirement Age Would Cut Social Security Benefits, Hurt Seniors

LANSING – Ron Bieber, President of the Michigan AFL-CIO, issued the following statement today on newly-released recordings where Lansing lobbyist Steve Marino calls for raising the Social Security retirement age to 75. You can hear the recordings here.

“Steve Marino would be an absolute disaster for Macomb County seniors,” said Bieber. “Raising the Social Security retirement age to 75 would be a deep and painful benefit cut to retirees who are already struggling to pay Rick Snyder’s Retirement Tax. If we’ve learned anything about Steve Marino over the past few weeks, it’s that he’s a high-flying corporate lobbyist who likes to play fast and loose with the law, and it’s painfully clear that he doesn’t give a rip about working people. He’s out of touch, and he sure doesn’t belong anywhere near the Michigan House of Representatives.”

In the new audio recordings, Marino says:

– “Right now the life expectancy for a female is 81, 79-and-a-half for a male. I mean, make it [retirement age] 70, 75. That way people aren’t building it into their retirement plan.”

– “It [Social Security] was never meant to be built into your retirement plan.  It was supposed to be there when your retirement plan failed.”

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