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Michigan AFL-CIO Blasts Lansing Lobbyist Steve Marino’s Pro-Outsourcing Remarks

LANSING – The Michigan AFL-CIO issued the following statement today from President Ron Bieber, commenting on newly-released remarks made by Steve Marino, a Lansing lobbyist and Republican candidate for the Michigan House:

“Steve Marino doesn’t belong anywhere near the Michigan Legislature,” said Bieber. “It was bad enough when he bragged about using his influence as a corporate lobbyist to buy personal favors from Republican lawmakers. But his latest comments defending the outsourcing of Michigan jobs to China and India tell us everything we need to know about him. Not only is Steve Marino someone who likes to play fast and loose with the law as a lobbyist, but he clearly doesn’t give a rip about Michigan’s working men and women. The people of Macomb County deserve a State Representative who will fight to create good jobs here in Michigan, not a greedy lobbyist like Steve Marino, who only cares about himself.”

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