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Michigan AFL-CIO President Slams Trump VP Pick Mike Pence for Opposing Auto Rescue

LANSING – Michigan AFL-CIO President Ron Bieber issued the following statement today blasting presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for selecting Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate. As a member of Congress, Pence “strongly opposed” the auto rescue package that saved GM and Chrysler.

“When the fate of Michigan’s economy was in the balance, Mike Pence stabbed working people here in the back,” said Ron Bieber, President of the Michigan AFL-CIO. “By voting against the auto rescue, Mike Pence voted to let Michigan’s auto industry crumble. Without that rescue package, hundreds of thousands of Michigan workers would’ve lost their jobs, and our economy would’ve gone right down the drain. The fact that Donald Trump, who has already suggested closing Michigan auto plants, would pick Mike Pence as his running mate just shows that he’s totally unfit to be president, and would be a complete disaster for Michigan’s economy.”

During a 2008 interview on Fox News, Pence told Alan Colmes “we strongly opposed this $15 billion bailout to Detroit … The plan that Democrats brought to the floor tonight I think was a disservice to taxpayers, and frankly, it was a disservice to auto workers in the automotive sector in Detroit. There’s — there’s no means to restructure what is obviously a flawed business plan.”


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