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Legislative Alert: Making Big Box Stores Pay Their Fair Share

By Fran Brennan, Legislative Director

Some days it feels like there’s nothing but bad news coming out of Lansing. But there’s one issue we can actually do something about.

Local communities across the state have been losing out on millions of dollars in tax revenue because “big box” stores are unfairly having their property assessments slashed through appeals. This is making it harder for county and city governments to invest in basic things like education, roads, libraries, and public safety.

The good news is there’s two bipartisan bills that would address this problem.

Sign our petition to support HB 4909, and SB 524 to protect our local communities.

This is about holding these “big box” stores accountable, and making sure everyone pays their fair share.

It’s pretty simple… we need healthy, vibrant communities to make Michigan work for all of us. That means good schools, and enough police and firefighters to keep our neighborhoods safe.

We can fix this problem, but we need to tell Lansing to pass the bills introduced by Rep. John Kivela (D-Marquette), and Sen. Tom Casperson (R-Escanaba).

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