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UAW Local 6000: Can we talk?

Caseloads are out of control and the needs of Michiganders must be met. Workers need the right tools for the job.

The caseworkers at the “Department of Human Services” have over 800 cases on their loads. They cannot service the most vulnerable citizens in Michigan. Not everyone has escaped the devastating consequences of the Great Recession. Thousands and thousands of families with food and energy security issues who need assistance are left in the cold to long.

The software program DHS caseworkers have to use often prevents them from processing cases. Front line workers must have the adequate tools to do the job. We need more, staff not less!

Join UAW Local 6000 caseworkers in a “Informational Picket” in Wednesday, February, 25th at 12 pm – 1 pm.

Greenfield / Joy DHS District Office
8655 Greenfield Road
Detroit, Michigan

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