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Solidarity Action: Say no to Right to Work in Wisconsin!

Anti-union members of Wisconsin’s legislature are ‘pressing the gas’ in hopes of passing divisive, so called “Right-to-Work” legislation as early as this week…

Here in Michigan, we know all too well the ramifications of a package of laws that strip workers of fundamental protections in the workplace.

Join us as we call our brothers and sisters in the great state of Wisconsin to urge them to Rally at the Capitol in Madison!

Tonight and tomorrow (Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb. 23rd and 24th) we will be making calls to invite activists in Wisconsin out to the demonstration of SOLIDARITY at the Wisconsin State Capitol Building.

Join us during the hours of 5pm – 8pm each night at the Michigan AFL-CIO building, 419 Washington Square S., Lansing MI, 48933.

Please RSVP to mdavis@miaflcio.org or simply text your name to 517-420-1214


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