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Stand Up to Make a Change — 2014 Young Workers Summit

Lansing, October 16 – 19, 2014

Tired of dead-end jobs and student debt? Ready to join with a new generation to create hope and opportunity for the future?

Check out the 2014 Young Workers Summit, proudly hosted by the UAW, coming to Lansing, Michigan October 16 -19th. As organizers of this can’t-miss event say on their Facebook page:

This is not your grandmother’s summit, nor your parents. The Young Workers Summit has been designed FOR Young Workers, BY Young Workers, to raise awareness of the social and economic issues facing our generation – and to empower Young Workers to stand up, make a change, and become activists for their own future.

The 2014 Young Workers Summit is a unique opportunity for young workers to gather and deal with real issues, no matter where you work, what union you are in – or whether you are in a union at all.

What ever happened to good-paying jobs? Job security? The chance to provide for your family, buy a house, save for the future?

Yws_flyerNobody is giving young workers the answer to the social, economic and political we face today. The 2014 Young Workers Summit is based on the idea that with the right opportunity and resources, young workers can and will find their own answers.

Did we mention the Summit will include recreational activities, celebrity guests and awesome mingling activities? To get the details, register now to join with young workers from across the state and make a difference.

For registration info, please contact:

Catrina Huntley
(810) 767-0910

See you in Lansing, October 16 through 19th!




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