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Electrical Licensing Saves Lives

The Michigan Senate is considering Senate Bill 358, a bill that would hurt workers and endanger the public by allowing unlicensed electricians to do electrical work. We need to ensure work is done by licensed electricians. Call your senator today to ask them to vote NO on Senate Bill 358.

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This powerful video from the Michigan State Conference of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the Michigan Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association shows the importance of electrical licensing.


A vote is scheduled for Wednesday, September 18th in the Senate Reforms Committee at 8:30am.

Click here to find your State Senator and ask them to vote NO on Senate Bill 358 to protect workers and the public.

Andy Dunbar, a licensed electrician, had this to say about the legislation:

“I’m not a lobbyist or a politician, I’m an electrician. Electrical work is dangerous, even for those who have been in the industry for years. I want to keep not only electrical workers, but all workers safe in our state. SB 358 goes too far in removing electrical licensing requirements for manufacturing operations. This is unsafe for workers and for the public. If we start here, where will be end? Let’s keep all workers and manufacturers safe, because ‘electricity doesn’t care, it’s just looking for a path to go.’ I urge you to call your State Senator and tell them to Oppose SB 358.”

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